The Tile Project (Final Report)

Well this will be the final report on the tile project as we are complete with the exception of some touch up work.  The moulding was installed yesterday and the furniture was moved back into the room.  The moulding we used was a finished compsite type that does not need to be painted and is really easy to work with.  The installation went really well and there is something to be said for having the right tools to do the job.  Last year I had installed some moulding with out the use of a miter saw and it did not go very well.  Lesson learned and a miter saw was purchased, along with a nail gun kit.  I also recently pickedup a tool to measure angles which served me well on this project as there was a corner that was not your standard 45 or 22.5 degree angle.  Here are some pictures of the space with the furniture in place, please ignore the mess as clean up is not yet complete.



  1. Wifey says:

    I can sum it up in three workds…
    1) Go
    2) With
    3) Carpet

  2. MOM says:

    The place is cool. I know you enjoy your place , because it is beautiful . I like what you are doing with it .I would like to buy a place and fit it up . mom

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