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Fried Turkey Goodness

This year for Thanksgiving we decided to try our first fried turkey.  A friend of ours told us about a counter top electric fryer that he used.  It is a Butterball branded Masterbuilt turkey fryer.  It is a deep fryer that will take up to a 14 pound turkey or you can use it as a steamer.  We found a 10.5 pound turkey which was perfect since it was just the two of us and we did not not want to max out the fryer on our first try.  Along with the turkey we got the Butterball Cajun flavored inject-able marinade and rub.  Following the directions that come with the fryer, we injected and rubbed down the turkey and then set up the fryer.  Once the fryer was heated up we dropped the turkey in and set the timer (4 min per pound).  42 minutes later we had a perfectly fried turkey.  We have had fried turkey before, but there is nothing like the satisfaction of doing one yourself and having it come out so good!  The marinade was a little spicier than we would have liked, but the meat was really juicy and the skin was nice and crispy.  I definitely see more fried turkeys in our future.

My New Bicycle

I know I have been slacking on this thing lately, but here I am with an update and it is a good one.  My lovely wife gave me the green light to get a new bicycle.  We just happened to be in the motorcycle shop looking for a new jacket for her and there it was.  My dream bike was on sale at an unbelievable price.  It was a 2011 model that was left over so it was brand new.  A brand new Suzuki Boulevard M109R just sitting there alone, unwanted, and developing some severe self esteem issues.  Good thing we were there to save her!  She is now at home with our other bikes and the low self esteem is a thing of the past, especially with all of the attention she has been getting.  The best thing is she rides like a dream as you can see in this video M109R Sunday Ride.  Well that’s all for now, but thanksgiving is right around the corner so if I don’t get too lazy I will post an update on our first fried turkey!