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Vacation and Bike Mods

As I mentioned in my last post I wanted to give an update on our vacation and some items I added to my bike.  This year we went to Myrtle Beach for our vacation again and it was as relaxing as ever.  We always go in between the two bike weeks to avoid all the people and the motorcycle traffic, which can be crazy. We do take our bikes with us to enjoy the seat time with the awesome weather and the Ram has turned out to be the perfect bike hauler (pictures included).  17mpg with the bikes and all of our gear is not bad at all and having the option of going for a ride while we are there is pretty cool, plus it only takes about 45 minutes to get them loaded and secured.

The week in between seems like its a recovery week for the locals and the whole area is really calm and relaxed.  We rent a house on the beach every year and it works out really well for us.  There is a private walkway from the house  to the beach (picture in previous post “Android app test”) and a pool right next to the house we usually try to rent.  The private walkway makes it really nice for the wife to walk right down the beach and get her sun on while I hang out on the deck and read.  This year we invited some friends to come down and hang out with us.  Joe and Mary are great people and just as laid back as we are so it ended up being a really good time with no hassles, just good times with good friends.  Once again the trip to Myrtle was well worth it.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the charging port I added to my bike.  I got it from Powerlet along with a cable to charge my phone.  It was really easy to install and works like a champ.  While on the trip to Myrtle I was able to mount my phone, connect it to the charger, and use the androids apps for navigation.  Using the phone navigation meant I was able to get rid of my garmin nav unit (you’re welcome Tammy!) and therefore have one less thing to carry with me when on the bike in a new place.  Even in the bright South Carolina sun I was able to see my phone screen and use the navigation and at one point I was even able to record a little video of our ride.  If I were dedicated enough to ride in the winter time the Powerlet outlet would even run a set of heated gloves.  Don’t really see that happening though.  Well that’s all for now, until next time…….