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Well here we are in the Dominican Republic and I must say it is pretty nice.  We are at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana and the experience so far has been pretty good.  The first couple of days were pretty rough (getting here and getting settled into a room) but now that all of that is done with its pretty cool.  We went with the all inclusive package (drinks and meals are included), which I have learned is the way to go.  Even the mini-bar (water, soda, and 4 bottles of beer) in the room is stocked every day and there are 4 bottles of liquor (vodka, whiskey, rum, and baileys) for you to enjoy.  There are bars and restaurants all over the place that you can take advantage of and plus a buffet arear that is open most of the day.  When we first got here we were worried about the weather because when we checked it called for thundershowers most of the week.  Not sure how the weather forcasters work around here, but so far out of 4 days here it has rained all of one day and that has been it.  To give you an idea as to how bright the sun has been here, I am probably the first black man you will ever see that is as red as a lobster.  The other cool thing about this place is that with the all inclusive package you get a butler.  He calls or comes by to check on you every day to make sure all is good and he will take care of any scheduling or anything else that you need.

Gotta go now and get ready for my next attack on the buffet, but here are some pictures for you to enjoy….

The Kitchen Project (cont.)

This update is a little late, but I am glad to say the kitchen floor is complete.  The grouting was completed last Friday and the sealing was completed the next night.  After that we got the appliances moved back in and the new moulding in place.  The next thing that needs to happen is the counter tops and some more cabinets.  I will also be installing my first back splash to go along with the new counter top.  That experience will of course be documented and hopefully it will all go well.  I am looking forward to the new cabinets we are going to install underneath the kitchen window.  Currently there is a shelf there that is not very functional.  The plan is to install cabinets and a wine frig in that space to make it a little more useful.  Looking foward to this and I will be sure to post the pics, but before all that my lovely wife and I will be going on our honeymoon.  Stay tuned for the for more info, until next time here are some pics of the finished kitchen floor…..