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Lazy Sunday Morning

Here it is Sunday morning and already I know that I will probably not get one thing done today.  Its just one of those days when you look outside and you see the weather is really nice and you just want to be lazy.  I am sure that my wife (SENIOR WEB PRODUCER) and I will go out and do some grocery shopping, but that will be the hardest part of my day.  But that is not even hard, because we will more than likely go to BJ’s and that is one of my favorite stores in the world.  Where else can you get a laptop, a gas grill, a big screen TV and a 25lb bag of sugar in one stop.  They just have the greatest selection and even if you do not need a 25lb bag of sugar it is pretty cool knowing where you can get one if needed.

Lets get back to my lazy Sunday.  I would be a nice day to go for a ride.  As you know from my last post I have a motorcyle (my wife does to) and it really is nice sometimes to just get out and ride.  I just started riding this year and I am really enjoying it.  I had always wanted a bike and meeting my wife gave me the incentive to go ahead and take the motorcyle safety course and get my license.  She has been riding for about 7 years and it is nice to have something to do together that we both enjoy.  She highly recommended the safety course and I am so glad I took it.  It was alot of fun, and you really do use the information from the course while riding.  The weather today would make for a really nice ride and since it is sunday, and I am hoping not to many people will be out (combination of high gas prices and first weekend for regular season pro football).  Maybe we will take the bikes when we go to the gym, wait a minute this was supposed to be a lazy sunday.  Scratch that, maybe we will take the bikes and go for some ice cream!  Until next time, got ice cream on the brain, gotta get something to eat………Breakfast