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Natasha’s Visit

As you know from my last post I have recently had the opportunity to reconnect with my daughter.  I am happy to report that she came to visit this weekend and it was a very special time.  I had no idea how happy this would make me, but it was a wonderful thing to be able to look across the room and see her sitting there.  I was even sneaking in pictures just to prove to myself later that it really did happen.

We tried to make it as relaxed as possible and not ask to many questions, so we did our best to stay busy with cooking and movie watching.  I did find myself prying a little too much so I had to remember that [as she had already told me] if Natasha had a question she would ask it.  We also had the chance to take pictures for our Christmas cards.  Haven’t decided on which one to use but we got a couple good ones and some that maybe should be deleted, but they are too funny!

We are already looking forward to her next visit and we are really happy to know that Spencer has a sister that loves him as much as we do!