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My Daughter

Brief update, but had to share! This past week, something wonderful happened. Something that I have been looking forward to and kind of expecting for awhile. My daughter reached out to me and wants to visit. She saw on one of the social media websites that she has a  we brother and wants to visit and be in his life. My wife and I were wondering how this was going to work out and be received by her, so for her to reach out and want this has been a pleasant surprise. They have been exchanging email and getting to know each other, which has also been a pleasant surprise. She had reached out to me before and we had exchanged messages, but I had been trying to give her some space and did not want to push anything. I have always thought that the day would come when we could have an actual relationship. At this point in her life it may not be the typical father/daughter relationship, but for me anything is better than nothing and I think this will be very good for Spencer. Well hopefully for my next post I will have pictures to share!