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The Kitchen Project

I think in one of my previous posts I mentioned that my lovely wife decided the living room tile project went so well she wanted the kitchen floor done also.  Well I took this week off from work to try and make that happen.  I started Monday with the demolition of the existing floor which was wood laminate.  Removing that was pretty easy and did not take long at all.  Underneath that was the standard matting that goes along with it.

After removing the matting I was lucky enough to discover not one, but two sheets of linoleum and some sort of leveling plaster.

This was not easy to remove and took the rest of the day to get up.  I now truely hate linoleum and the creators of this evil product.

On Tuesday I was able to start laying the tile and this time it went really smoothly.  I used a different type of tile spacers that are alot more accurate than the standard ones and easier to place.  There were alot more angles to cut and I did not want to box myself in so I did half on Tuesday and finished up on Wednseday.  We decided to let it dry today and on Friday we will do the grouting.  Here are the pictures of what it looks like so far and I will post more pictures of the finished product when get the grouting and sealing done.