New Year, New Bike Mods

Here it is May of a new year and wouldn’t you know it I have more bike mods to tell you about. This time though I also have some video to go along with the info so you can see the awesomeness! The last time we were in Myrtle, we met a guy who had LED turn signals incorporated into the passenger pegs on his bike. He told us about this website where all you have to do is send them your pegs and they install the LED’s and ship them back to you. I did not remember the name of the site but a simple Google search and there they were.  They are Tripage LED and they do awesome work at very reasonable prices.  The turn around time is about a week and a half and all you have to do is connect them to your turn signals and you are good to go.  As you can see on my GSX-R1000 the led turn signals look great and also make you more visible to other motorists.  They list some bikes that they do this type of work on in the website (so far I have seen them on a Yamaha R6 and my bike), but for other bikes they say to contact them.

The other addition is in the area of security.  Roadlok makes a disc lock that mounts on your brake caliper.  It stays in place and all you have to carry is the bolt that secures your front tire when yoRoadloku park it.  Very neat clean set up and totally worth the piece of mind that it gives you knowing that someone can’t walk up and ride off with your bike.

Until next time…

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