Ipad Test

This is a test of the Ipad bluetooth keyboard to see if i can post using this thing and how comfortable it is. The key board is not too bad, a little small for my tastes, but it will do in a pinch or when I do not want to carry my laptop. Not really digging the keys yet either, but that will may just take some getting used to. The keys are rubbery rather than snappy which is kind of odd. The lack of a shift key on the right side will take some getting used to also, really annoying at first though, but I guess if you want the convenience of having a keyboard with your Ipad then these are a couple of things you will have to deal with. You cannot get away from the cool factor though, first typing on my blog from my phone, and now being able to do it from my Ipad! Technology is a wonderful thing!
Well I saved this post as a draft to give the keyboard thing a while to sink in. I have decided I am nota big fan of the Bluetooth keyboard, but it is useful and convenient. Gonna post this one and next time I will have a gym update.

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