Little advice for all the parents out there, don’t let your babies get dehydrated. It sneaks up on you really quick and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. It just happened to us and it was a pretty scary experience. We ended up in the emergency room and Spencer had to be admitted for IV’s and monitoring. We are coming out of it now and he seems to be back to his happy self, but for awhile there it was pretty scary and it has taken 4 days for him to recover. This all started because of an ear infection which the doctor tried to treat a little to aggressively. The antibiotic she prescribed lead to really bad diarrhea which resulted in severe dehydration. You really have to stay on top of the antibiotics because they can cause diarrhea and a little diarrhea is OK, but alot is cause for concern. Remember, dehydration is very bad!


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