Been A Long Time

Well I have not posted anything up here in a while and I must admit it is not due to lack of current events, but more so due to laziness.  I must do better in the future as I am sure my millions of fans expect better.  That was a joke by the way. 

There are two or maybe even three things that have worked out pretty well so far.  The first one is the new exhaust for my bike.  I got it from Taylormade Racing ( ) and it is pretty awsome.  This is the before picture of my bike….


You can the see the two stock exhaust cans, which I always thought made the bike look heavy and slow.  I had been looking for something that would do away with the two cans, decrease the weight, and have a clean look to it.  Here is the after picture…


I think the Taylormade exhaust did everything I wanted it to, plus it sounds great.  I installed it my self which took about two hours and twenty or so bad words, but I am very happy with it and it actually looks a lot better than the stock ones did.  This thing took 20lbs off the bike and gives me about 10 more horsepower.  The only thing I need to do now is get the power commander for it, which will take care of the backfiring that I get sometimes.  Other than that this exhaust is great and I am so glad I installed it.

The other thing that I am going to talk about in this posting is my new blu-ray dvd player.  My lovely wife caved and let me order it and I am in movie heaven.  I purchased an OPPO digital BDP-83 Blu-ray DVD player and it is the greatest.  It is a universal player meaning it will play regular dvd’s, sacd’s, dvd audio, and blu-ray dvd’s all though a single HDMI cable.  I cannot take full advantage of this yet because my reciever is HDMI version 1.1 and the OPPO is version 1.3, but I will be upgrading soon.  I have been able to take advantage of the great picture this thing produces and I must say it is outstanding.  The picture from a blu-ray dvd is just incredible and I do not know how I survived on regular dvd’s for so long. 

I think I will end this post so I will have something to write about next time….plus my brain is tired!


  1. Wifey says:

    cause I LOVE you the most.

  2. Wifey says:

    I want one toooooooo!!

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