5 Months

Well our boy is 5 months old and the changes/progress that a baby makes as he grows is just amazing. He is definitely going to be a tall kid and the hair is out of control!  We kept waiting for it to fall out, but it just keeps getting longer and longer.  It is fascinating to watch as he develops his smile, starts tracking with his eyes, and the personality traits that start to come out. I think we got extremely lucky in that he seems to be a mellow baby. He does get fussy from time to time, but only when he needs something or when something is wrong. He has been a little more fussy here lately as he has had a rough couple of weeks with an ear infection and now that hand/foot/mouth thing, but even through that he wakes up in the morning happy to see us and ready to tackle another day.

Now that the wife has had to return to work Spencer is in daycare.  The initial separation is something that kind of catches you off guard.  The wife was not happy about it all and is still getting used to it after almost 2 months of it.  Trusting someone to care for your child and the separation after constant contact for 3 months is really hard, but I think the exposure/experience is good for the kid and the socialization helps with their development.  I must say we have were lucky enough to find a really good daycare and I really am impressed with the level of care and devotion they seem to have for the kids.

We are now gearing up for our annual Maine trip, which is going to be a new adventure for us.  Traveling with a 6 month old is going to be a learing experience, but I don’t think it will be too bad.  Of course there will be more stops than normal, but we can factor that in, just not sure about keeping Spencer occupied at that age.  Movies?  Toys?  The view of the road?  This will definitely be a learning experience worth writing about…..

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